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The Fundamentals of the World Series of Poker

A lot of people have heard of it, and poker players are very familiar with it. But when it gets down to the bare facts, does anyone really know what the World Series of Poker - otherwise known as the WSOP - is all about? For one, it is one of the strongholds of poker. Even more, the winner of it is regarded as some sort of poker king. Most of all, it is one of most important events, if not the most important, in poker.

What It was Before

The World Series of Poker started in 1968 as a poker tournament that awards cash prizes based on the number of registrants involved. Back then, it was sponsored by one person alone, Tom Moore. The WSOP was held in a Reno hotel. A few years after, it grew and was eventually recognized as the tournament gathering all poker players worldwide.

The usual poker variant in WSOP was Hold’em. This all changed, however, with the inflow of other poker variants. Now, it includes virtually all poker variant such as Omaha Hold’em, Five-card Stud, Seven-card Stud, and even H.O.R.S.E. Until now, the winning prize is based on the number of registrants or participants. Hence, the prize for each event usually varies in amount.

It is hard to determine the exact number of participants who take part in the annual WSOP. The estimation last 2008 is about 25,000 to 30,000 players.

What It is Now

The WSOP is a series of poker tournaments around the world. It includes participants from all over the world competing in the game of poker. Annually, players from across the globe come to Las Vegas and participate in a month-long festivities and competition revolving around poker.

Like the Olympics, the WSOP holds several events. To date, there are about 55 events in the WSOP. In each event, the winner takes home a pot prize depending on the registrants of that event and a WSOP bracelet. The main event, however, is a $10,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, which promises a pot prize of more than a million dollars. The pot prize in the main event can, in fact, reach to as much as 9,000,000 dollars.

The Popularity of WSOP

The reason why many people have, in one way or another, heard about WSOP is its relative popularity. This is brought about by years of marketing and tradition.

One popular point is the Player of the Year award, which started last 2004. The player who has garnered the most number of points in the all the events he participated in eventually gets the crown.

Its popularity is also brought about by the number of sponsors lined up for this event. Some of the sponsors include ESPN, Milwaukee’s Best beers, Pepsi Cola, Hershey, Activision, and other known companies. These sponsors have mutually popularized the event as well as marketed their own brands in the process.

The World Series of Poker tournament is also broadcasted by different network giants, such as CBS and ESPN. The coverage usually includes preliminaries and elimination rounds. The main highlight of the event is the $10,000 no-limit Hold’em tournament.

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