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Table Selection and Aggressive Playing Style

It is not surprising that poker can be a difficult game. After all, players are competing with cash which makes every game valuable. There are many factors that affect the outcome of a game. A lot it depends on the skills of the player, but a big chunk of it depends on the decisions that he makes on the table. Decisions are not only made during the game but even before the players sit on the table. Table selection is also a part of winning. Tables not only determine the pot size but also the phase of the game, depending on the players on the table.

Table Selection

Table selection depends mostly on the player’s skill, opponents, pot size and limit. It’s not about your overall ability, but your capability of beating the game and your opponents. Its good to compete against poker professionals to sharpen your skills, but for those who are making a living out of the game, such step requires timing. Bankroll can also influence your table selection. It’s natural that you will choose low limit tables if you have a small bank roll or want to protect it.

Aggressive Play

Apart from selection table aggression is also one of the key tools in scoring big pots and profits. Tables with big pots or tight games are preferred by aggressive players. Being aggressive in your games are quite profitable but risky. You do have the chance of scoring big pots, but if you don’t have a game plan or the experience for it, it can prove to be costly. Aggressive players can also join tight games, so they can steal money from their opponents. Table aggression plays a part when you have loose passive players on the table. These players are much more common and easy to exploit. Aggressive playing style may not work at low limit tables, but they are not easy to take advantage of.

Playing an aggressive game will take some risks, but when done right will be profitable. In online casinos, getting the right table with the right seat is not that difficult. Aggressive playing styles do have some setbacks and holes in their game but better off than loose passive players. This works on passive tables when players raise less. Aggressive players can often raise a hand and make a weaker opponent fold and, mostly, bluff their way to the pot.

One setback of an aggressive game though is being predictable. The key is being able to make the right amount of table aggression. This way, your opponents will not be able to read you. With the right table selection and the skill set to beat the game, you’re well on your way. This may take some practice though as bluffing and raising is common. Table selection and an aggressive play can both be good tactics. Making the right decision at the right time will certainly get things done. So if you don’t want to be another fish on the table, risks have to be taken.

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