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Advantage with Poker Table Image

Poker has seen the likes of tight players as well as loose ones, but what makes other players different from the average is how they can shift styles without the other players realizing that. Depending on one’s skill, one may be able to grab some chips based on a combination of factors including their poker table image. This system is how hands are won by other players who have mastered the art of controlling their facial expressions while observing other opponents on the table.

Poker Play According to Table Image

There are several ways to put poker table image to one’s advantage. Loose players will want their opponents to know that so that when you get a big hand and play it the same way, other players will likely call and raise at every turn. If you have a tight player image, you can also use the same strategy when you bet preflop by letting other players think you got a good hand to beat. If you get to win the blinds, display happiness and when called, hide your disappointment. If you follow up with your bet on the flop, good players will find it hard to call. If the flop shows big cards, they will assume that you have a hit and they will fold.

Not a lot of players can handle aggressive players. And if you have this image, put this to good use. When you happen to get a great hand and play aggressively, other players will stubbornly keep on calling or raising because of their frustration from losing based on previous play regardless of the hand they have. This is especially tough for tight players who will most likely fold a lot of times when playing against an aggressive opponent.

Showing Cards

You will find some players who try to show their cards to opponents which can be good or bad for you, depending on some situations. In some online poker rooms, you may have the option of displaying your cards to opponents, and you may want to muck your hands if you have a winning hand. However, this makes some of your players stronger because it validates their decisions during play. But you don’t show them this free information, they will likely try to guess and question their decisions so far.

But showing your bluff will sometimes put other players on a tilt. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that you lost to a worse hand. When you play against them again, they will think that you will most likely bluff your way through a play.

In live poker play, showing one card can also be used to one’s advantage. This will help confuse other players especially if you display a deuce then muck the other card. There will be a time though when other players start catching on to this style. Knowing what you just learned, you could start building your own poker table image because if you turn out to be a strong and smart player, others will not be so quick as to put you aside.

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