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Ahead with Stealing the Blinds

Poker will not always allow you to carry through until the final table. There are a lot of things that can happen along the way, and usually, when you’re stacked against better players, you will lose quite a lot if you stick to this game plan alone. But what’s most interesting with the game is that you can seize several situations to turn things into your favor even before you reach the final table. The key here is to be able to recognize those opportunities as they come. If you happen to be in a late position such as in preflop, you may just be able to steal the blinds.

Increasing Chips Quickly

Stealing blinds is one of the quick ways to make a buck from poker play. Not all players can last until the final round of betting and grab the pot just as quickly. Stealing the blinds can help one win a few chips here and there to increase your stack. If you raise thrice or four times that of the big blind with two cards from a late position, pressure will be on the players who posted the blinds to either fold or take a defensive stand on their hands. Should the blinds call, you are still in a favorable position. But nowadays, this has become quite predictable, and both the big and small blinds will likely re-raise the button to see a real hand. And if you back down, they will keep re-raising every time you try to pull this strategy again.

Cutoff Seat in Place

Since the button steal is becoming to be predictable especially for experienced players, there’s now the cutoff seat taking over its place to be able to make that move. The cutoff seat is to the right of the button which allows a player to take away the button from the player holding the dealer seat which essentially limits that player’s opportunity to move from that position. If he decides to fold, you steal the button and take the blinds for the duration of the hand.

The difference with stealing from the blinds is that you now have to beat not only the big and small blinds but also the third player who’s on the button. If he calls, he retains position, and the only way for you to win the pot from there is if you either hit with the flop or bluff successfully.

There are some good things to remember when trying to steal the blinds. As you will note, your position plays a big role in this game. You want to limit the number of opponents who will call or raise by stealing the blinds form the late position or, at most, middle position. Be prepared with a playable hand when attempting to do blind steal and get called by giving yourself a chance after the flop gets dealt with drawing hands. Take stock of the big blind and steer clear of big blinds who tend to defend his hand all the time compared to a tight player.

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