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Choosing Your Starting Hands

Most experienced poker players have been able to succeed in every game because they have improved their skills in reading their opponents and valuing their starting hands. Here are the factors you should consider in selecting your starting hands.

Position in poker is very significant especially before the flop. The rule of thumb here is the later you act, the better. For instance, you are placed in an early position. In this case, you should be very selective with your cards because your opponents will get a chance to have a stronger hand than yours. This position is really a disadvantage on the player’s part. On the other hand, if you are placed in the middle position, you will be allowed to play with more hands. This means that starting hand requirements are lower than in an early position. But still, players should be very careful in choosing their starting hands. The best position, which affects your starting hand odds, is the late position. This is a great advantage to your part because you can observe and prepare to play your best starting hand. You will have the opportunity to study all your opponents’ moves. If your opponents are loose, then you should play aggressively. On the other hand, if your opponents are tight, then you play loosely. Most likely, you can establish a good starting hand if you take into consideration your status in the game. Don’t take a risk if you don’t have the means for it. Consider your available funds or your bankroll. Don’t spend the money you don’t have. Every decision you make in poker should be carefully analyzed. If you want to succeed, learn how to be wise.

All about Table Image

Table Image is the identity you create based on your actions and your opponents’ analysis of your actions. Table image is very significant especially in online games. You are allowed to create a strong character, so you can create an impression to your opponents. Since online poker doesn’t require the players to play in an actual table, each player should learn how to understand and determine how his opponents work and how he can manipulate them.

In a brick and mortar casino, you can make a good first impression to your opponents. You can dress in style and show them that you take the game of poker seriously, while if you dress casually, your opponents might interpret this as a person only having fun. Making an impression and reading your opponent will be helpful especially in your betting strategies. Good but unpredictable actions can bring you to success. Keep in mind that your image should be realistic. Make your opponents believe in the image you are projecting. The more they believe in it, the more you can employ it to your advantage.

Implied Odds

In the event where all the players call on the turn and on the river, then you will definitely have good implied odds. An implied odd is the assumed outcome of betting at the remainder of the game. You can associate this with pot odds. An implied odd is an estimation of your future betting. Sometimes, calculating both the pot odd and implied odd have the same result, but there are still some cases when you can have bad pot odds but good implied odds.

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