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The Art of Poker Slow Play

New poker players have the tendency to extend slowplay in their game plan. Slow play in poker means a player will feign a weak hand by calling instead of raising or checking instead of placing a bet. The purpose of slow playing is to keep some players as long as possible in that round and hope that one will start placing more bets since they assume your hand cannot stand against their decent hands or even weak hands. The trouble here is that this strategy has become over utilized, and you will find a lot of professional players doing it a lot of times.

Profit from Slow Plays

There are conditions when slow play would work well in your favor. One of these is playing with a strong hand. This will also apply with a cheap card or free card other players are allowed to have favorable possibilities of making it into second best hands. Following the same free hands, the other players should have little opportunities by getting a better hand or drawing hands with adequately pot odds that would justify them into making a call. You must also want to keep the players long enough into the game for them to help contribute to the pot but without showing aggression too early to prevent them from making further bets. In single betting rounds, a check raise can be considered as a form of slow playing.

Slow Play Gone Wrong

Take for example a game of Texas Holdem where you hold aces and flop cards that come out are aces, four and five. You just flopped a good hand of aces, and instead of playing like you have the best hand, you would check first. Everyone else around the table starts checking. The turn deals a king and someone opens and everyone else folds except you who calls. The river shows a deuce, and the other player bets while you call. When it’s time to show your cards, you show aces. Your opponent turns up King three. It would appear that he had a pair of kings, so he bet on the turn. Then he got a miracle card from the river and came up with straight from ace to five. You lost, but had you bet on the flop instead of calling, you could have won the pot right then and there instead of giving it away to the opponent.

These are instances when you will find slow play not going in your favor. The other player may also be slow playing for all you know. When a player has a drawing hand, you are also providing opponents the opportunity to better his hand when you keep going at slow play.

As you have found, there would be good times when you want to do this against other players, but you also need to know more about other types of strategies and techniques that can better improve your chances of playing your cards right and counteracting other player’s strategies.

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