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Playing Preflop Pairs - How Advantageous is It?

Are you tired of losing in poker? Are your friends always teasing you for your every downswing? Worry no more! What you just need is a clearer understanding of playing pre-flop pairs.

Poker is a game of chance, and in the same light, it is also a game of strategy. One cannot win in a poker round if a player is not ready to take risks and to develop a strategy pattern. With a pre-flop strategy, you could now win in a poker round. The advantage of playing with a pre-flop strategy is your game-face contrary to a bewildered opponent who just plays poker with no strategy at all.

Understand the Pairings

The first thing that you should do is to understand the different pairings that would get you in your no-sweat poker win. Firstly, if you are handed with one pair while your opponent has no pre-flop pair, then you will definitely win over. You have more than 60 percent chance of victory even if your opponent holds a top card. In the like manner, you would also win with one pair of pre-flop cards if your opponents have lower pairs. Why win? Of course, having secured a pair is an edge already.

For instance, you have a pair of queens while your opponent has a queen and a jack, who do you think would win? Of course, you would win big time since you have a pair of queens and your opponent has none. Now, what if you and your opponent have pairs? You would lead the poker game if your pair is bigger, if you have a pair of kings while your opponent has a pair of queens.

Another strategy also is to get two big cards in exchange of a pair. Given that you hold a king and a queen, while your opponent has a king and jack guarantees your win already. Now, what are the chances that you could beat a king and a queen? If your opponent reveals his king and queen cards, you have to have a pair of queens. This is enough for you to win the round.

Practice the Patterns

Now, you are aware of the different pre-flop pairing you can use to beat other cards. Overall, there are more than 100 pairings or starting hands. These techniques are easy to follow, you just need to develop the right pattern for your game. Knowing the card values and starting hands are not sufficient for you to win. How then will you win? Strategize! Find your own pattern. See to it that yours can beat strong valued cards like a king and a queen. Manage your cards properly so that you can think of pairings once you received the cards.

You see, learning pre-flop technique is easy actually! You just have to study your cards and the winning strikes so as to know your advantage and strong points. Also, do not forget to strategize a pattern so that every card you receive would lead you to victory. Go now! Practice playing pre-flop pairs!

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