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Position in Poker

Whenever you play poker, you always think of ways where you can increase your chances of winning. It is an important factor for every poker player to learn and understand the strategies especially on betting, bankroll management, calculating pot odds and equity and your position at the table.

Let us focus on the significance of your position in poker. In order for you to become a good poker player, you must learn how to plan your strategies in accordance to your position. For instance, if you’re the first person in the table to deal, then you should be very cautious with your play especially your hand selection. On the other hand, if you’re in the last position, which is the best poker position, then you can get the opportunity to study your opponents’ moves and style. In this manner, you can plan your next move in the best way possible. You can either fold if you have a bad hand or you can push until the showdown if you think that you can outdraw you opponents.

Your position in poker is one of the factors you should pay more attention to. This will help you a lot especially if you’re a beginner in the game of poker.

Relationship of Position and Poker Equity

When we talk about poker equity, this is the fraction of the pot that you should anticipate to collect after every round. This is based on the situation you’re facing and it is your prerogative if you will continue to play or you will decide to fold! For instance, if your poker equity is 36%, which are also you pot odd, you should take in consideration if you’re in front or in the last position. If you’re in the early position, you should consider if you are going to bet the flop or not because your opponents might win 65 out of every 100 times against your hand. But if you’re in the late position and you think that your hand will change before the turn or by the river, then you can push your bet until the showdown. Learning to calculate your equity and consider your position will surely help you in planning your strategies and how you will respond given a complicated situation (either to bet or fold).

Relationship of Position and Reverse Implied Odds

If you’re in a position where you’re hand has a lower possibility of winning over your opponents’ hands, then you only have two choices. If you win, you can get the minimum amount of the pot but if you lose, your opponents will have more chances of winning on the consecutive rounds. This is what you call the Reverse Implied Odds.

To better understand the meaning of Reverse Implied Odds, we must first consider the player’s position in the game. If the player is in the early position, then he has the option to make the first deal. By calculating the Reverse Implied Odd, the player can determine if his hand has a better chance of winning or losing the game. If his Reverse Implied Odd is low especially if he is in the early position, then he must pursue the game until the showdown but if his Reverse Implied Odd is high particularly if the player is in the late position, then the player must fold to prevent further losses.  

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