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Math of Poker Equity

Here you go again. One can’t seem to get away from mathematics and equations when playing poker. But all these things should help you become a sharper poker player than an average person. Many players may not realize that they are actually putting to use mathematical applications when playing a hand, but knowing them will help make you more precise and accurate when it comes to losing or winning a hand. You will not want to cut it too close every time.

Value of Poker Equity

Poker equity is used to help explain why betting or checking will be your best route for particular situations. When one talks of equity, you will be referring to the pot size that you “own” depending on the odds to win for a certain point in a hand. Take preflop of ace and king of hearts while your opponent holds ten of clover and jack of diamonds. Pot size is at $35. Using the odds calculator you can pick up over the Internet, run these hands and it will show you that there’s a 65% opportunity that you will win the hand in the event that all cards have been dealt out and none folds. Your pot equity would then be equivalent to $22.75.

Poker equity will always move up and down as you go along. The reason being is that, as more cards are dealt, the strength of a hand may change dramatically for both players. Following the same preflop cards, if the flop produces a jack of hearts, tens of spade and three of diamonds, your opponent’s hands will have come out as the more likely winner than yours. Poker equity then moves to the other side of the table from yours.

Determining Percentages

Know that the percentages are a result of computer simulations done repeatedly for certain scenarios to find an accurate estimate of the potential of the hand to win against other hands. When you use the poker odds calculator, it will run all hands no less than thousands of times to get an accurate number on its likelihood of holding up against those. This is also the same as your poker equity.

You may think that this may have very little use during an actual poker play because you will hardly get to see your opponents’ hands, right? That is true which makes it difficult for you to get precise poker equity with every hand. However, knowing your poker equity at every stage will explain why you should bet or call when you think that what you have is a very strong hand at that time. When this happens you are betting for value and with good reason such that you are maximizing your chips when you have the best majority of the poker equity.

Checking and folding when you have the worst hand can help you adjust and lose money than you would have done in situations where you did not use poker equity principles. But getting more money into the pot when you’re in for a win could be realized using the same principles.

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