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Poker Equity and Reverse Implied Odds

Poker equity is the fraction of the pot that you should anticipate to collect. This is based on the situation you’re facing and your decision to stay in the game for the showdown. For instance, if you are faced with an opponent holding an AcKc, you know that he is currently ahead of you because he had paired his ace during the flop. On the other hand, if you are holding 2d3d and on the board there is 6dAd9h, so there is still 9 diamonds available in the deck which will give you a greater chance to win with a flush before the showdown. This means you have at least 36% chance to win on the showdown. In relation to your poker equity, whatever your pot odd percentage is, your poker equity will also have the same. So if the pot contains $500, then your equity will be $180 (500x0.35=180).

How to Win Using Your Poker Equity

Using your poker equity will help you in settling the decision on how you will play the game. Calculating your odds will somehow guide you in choosing to play your hand or not. Poker is really unpredictable, so you need to be very careful especially during the betting rounds. Your chances of winning during the game can change on the flop or even on the turn of a card. For instance, if we will be using the flush draw in the previous example, the hand will be giving you 36% poker equity, and your opponents will have 64% poker equity. If the pot money is $200, then $128 will go to your opponents after the showdown. But if another diamond will appear after the turn, then you will leave your opponents with nothing.

Confronted by these situations, you must learn when to fold or when to push your hand until the showdown. That’s why every round or every flip of the card matters. You should be very keen in observing and studying the patterns in front of you. Using your poker equity will enhance your decision-making skills. If you have a good value for your poker equity, you can bet your hand to the next round. But if your poker equity changes during the turn and it will not have a good outcome, you can choose to fold or change your strategy for that hand.

Reverse Implied Odds

If you’re in a situation where you have a possibility of not winning the pot because your opponents’ hand is better than yours, then you only have two options. If you make a win, you will only have a minimum amount from your opponent, and in case you lose, your opponents will get a chance to win more on the next betting rounds. This situation is what you call Reverse Implied Odds.

The idea of reverse implied odds is quite confusing, but by using the key word “reverse”, you will know that you are looking at the probability of losing a game. For example, if you have a straight draw while a flush draw is on the table, your reverse implied odd or the chances of not winning are high because your opponent might outdraw you in the subsequent rounds. On the other hand, if your opponent has a broken draw, then his reverse implied odd is low because he doesn’t need to raise more chips until the showdown.

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