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Poker Downswings - How to Combat It

A game is a game. One can say that card games are gamble. You gamble on your money and expect to double it at the end of one good card game round. In poker, every player desires to win a straight, but this is not always the case. Every regular round of poker includes loses, but of course, not everyone would be able to bag some loots. Hence, poker downswings are inevitable, but with a bagful of knowledge on proper strategies, you will see that downswings can be surpassed easily.

Luck Versus Strategy

Ever wondered why your opponents are winning their way into your money while you kept on losing? Ever tried increasing your luck in a poker round by bringing lucky charms? Tired of always having poker downswings? Really, poker is 99 percent strategy and 1 percent luck.

There will always be sessions where you end up empty handed and lost as to what you would do next. These instances leave one player frustrated. Who wouldn’t when you kept on losing instead of winning? Admittedly, luck plays part in a player’s winning probability, and in the same manner, luck is also significant in the avoidance of poker downswings.

This is the reason why to accept poker downswings whole-heartedly means winning your battle against loses. Accept your luck on whether or not you are prone to losing two or three buy-ins. Look at your cards and deliver them bravely. Having consecutive downswings and buy-ins would mean an unfortunate game-face, but do not be discouraged because, with just the proper strategic positioning of your cards, you would definitely go far.

Downswings, of course, are always out of control. This is because, as the swing increases its value, the player is then faced with the questions of his ability. The technique, then, is for the poker player to assess his position in the game, and having a game pattern aids in reducing poker downswings! If you have a clear strategic plan as to how you would bluff and ace the game, then you are far ahead from the other players.

Patience Versus Aggressiveness

In the like manner, being patient in the game counts since developing a strategy takes time. Nevertheless, poker is an agile card game; hence, you must learn to build self-esteem and develop sufficient confidence in order to make it your game. This means that avoiding your downswings depends highly on your aggressiveness and convincing power.

Learn to evaluate your status in every poker game and try to be more aggressive. Poker indeed needs patience, but strategically winning poker spells leadership. You must become a leader so that your opponent would be meek as a lamb and follow you around. Furthermore, developing aggressiveness, coupled with focus, means striving your way out of your poker downswings bad luck.

So, what are you waiting for? Strategize and aggressively play your cards. Make your opponents believe that you are indeed ahead of them! Let them lose their confidence and set the tension! It is only with these objectives that you can actually combat poker bad luck. 

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