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Drawing Hands in Poker

Poker is a very enigmatic game where one gets to learn new stuff all the time. It is a thinking game although some will easily say that it is a game of luck. Sustaining one’s wins will only happen if a player is aware of the many nuances of poker play. One of the many things you will have to learn is the drawing cards or drawing hands. It is important to know these in order to be in a better position to decide whether to hold on to these cards or just fold.

Valuable Hands with Drawing Cards

Drawing in poker simply means a poker player has an incomplete hand that when other hands are added to it, it increases its value. When playing 7-card studs, if at least 4 of 5 cards on hand are all clovers, the hand is considered weak which can be drawing to flush (all five cards of the same suit). A made card has value as it is and will not necessarily need to draw another card to be able to win. A made hand which is also the starting hand may lose to a weaker hand, but with miracle card that may come, it becomes winnable. As you can see, a made hand may be better with starting hand, but when you move to the next betting rounds, it can be made better to keep you ahead of the game.

Kinds of Draws

A four flush or flush draw is any hand with four of the same suits which may end with all cards of the same suit. There are nine outs with flush draws which can be easily calculated because there are thirteen cards of the same suit and, with 4 already on your hand, returns 9 remaining in the deck that may possibly come up.

Up and down or open-ended/outside straight draws are hands with four cards already in sequence which can be completed into a straight. There are 8 outs for this drawing hand. If straight draws includes an ace, it is not strictly considered as outside straight draw because straight will only occur on one end instead of both start and end of the sequence.

Inside straight draws (also known as gutshot or belly buster draw) describes a hand that can end in a straight after a middle card is filled in. There are 4 outs for this hand, and this is why a drawing hand which starts with an ace is classified under this category although you may be filling in the last in the sequence.

A double inside straight draw is similar to an inside straight draw except that you are missing two middle cards to complete a straight. For example, you may have 4-x-6-7-x-8-9 which can easily occur in 7-card stud.

Backdoor draws (also known as runner-runner draw) is hand that needs two outs in order to win. Take a hand composed of three cards of similar suits where you would need two more cards of the same suit to be able to come up with a better hand.

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