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Continuation Bet in Poker

Poker has become the main game for many gamblers. The gambling industry continues to thrive in the Internet medium. And because it enjoys such popularity, you will find a lot of relevant information regarding the game. One of the most commonly used moves in poker such as Texas Holdem is the continuation bet. For many beginners, you will find good reasons to try to learn more about it and see how you could utilize it to your advantage when you do get down the poker table and play.

In its most basic form, the continuation bet is done when you raised pre-flop and then you placed a wager on the flop but failed to connect with any of the flop cards. For example, after raising pre-flop with an ace of spade and king of hearts, flop cards of 4 of diamond, 9 of clover and queen of hearts came up. You can then place your continuation bet which gives you an opportunity to win the pot even if you got no pair to speak of. The rationale for this play is that two-thirds of the time, no pair can be produced by other players on the table. If other players start folding after you make your continuation bet because they cannot come up with any good combination with the flop, you stand a chance of winning pots through the flop than by simply checking them.

Size of the Bet

You might start asking how much of the continuation you should place. Typically, betting at least three-quarters of the pot would be a good continuation bet. If the size of the pot is at $12, making a continuation bet of $9 should be just about right. The reason why you would want to bet this much in a play is because, if the bet made is too low, other players are more likely to call and they may have a decent hand or on a draw. What you want to project is you have a strong hand to start with, so it can be also considered a bluff at that time. You may then start thinking of placing a bet higher than the pot, but this is ill-advised because you are putting in more money and essentially risk more than necessary when you can get the same impact as you would with a smaller amount.

Gauge Opponents’ Skills

Now that you have learned what continuation bets are, you will most likely want to try it at every play or opportunity you get. However, other factors may come into play so you would want to consider them before making continuation bets more often. One of these is other player’s strength. At the very least, you will come across opponents who tend to call bets regardless of any type of hand. This negates the odds in your favor, so you would want to weigh that first when making a continuation bet. If you have experienced players on the table, they will likely raise or call because they, too, are quite familiar with this type of play.

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