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Check Raise - Poker Technique

There are many poker strategies that you will find useful when playing the game. This is not surprising as poker entails utilizing skills and strategies that can help one sustain continuous play in the long run. If not for your use, knowledge of this will help one find a way to counter such moves from other players. This is what makes the game exciting. One cannot rest easy because at every opportunity, someone will try to gain over you, and you should be prepared to take them on as they come.

Deceptive Play

Many will agree that players utilize check-raise as a deceptive play where a player will check early into the rounds of betting in the hope that another player will make the first bet to open the round. The player who checked will then raise during the same round of betting. Players will most likely try to do this if they have a sense that his opponents has a weak hand and is less likely to call but may try to bluff. This helps the player who checked win more money than when he would have made a straight bet. The main idea is that, when no one is likely to place a bet, the most one player can move with a raise such as in limit games is by a single bet. But having other players on the table volunteer a bet will increase the size of the pot. When you’re playing in no limit poker, there will no restrictions to the bets one wants to place. But there should be at least one bet otherwise, play will fail.

Effects of Check Raise

Some poker players believe that check raise can help intimidate a few players. A player who had been the object of check raise several times is less likely to steal the pot. There may be instances when you don’t want this to fail because other players get the opportunity to view free cards which may help them improve hands. Also, check raising will give other players on the table the impression that you have a strong hand to play. Potentially, you can consider this bluffing, but opponents can also re-raise.

Check raising helps limit the opposition especially if you’re in an early position and a number have made a call preflop. Your hand can be run down if everyone else after you calls so check raise them. With check raising, you get more money in the pot when you have a strong hand to play and raise after bet/s have been placed. You want to get as much money on the pot as you can, especially if you are sure that someone will bet after you check.

Check raise is a strategy that has its own uses. Use this in conjunction with other techniques you have learned while playing poker. But you want to do this conservatively because you won’t want your play to be too predictable for other players to read quickly and then you start losing bets.

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