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On Top of Poker Bad Beats

Many poker players may not easily be thrown off their game by a lot of things that come up in a game of poker especially so if these are seasoned players who have been around long enough to see and observe a lot of them happening. But this cannot be easily said of bad beats that one may encounter in a game. It’s like feeling a high at the onset of the game then you feel yourself crashing down just as quickly towards the end after getting outdrawn at the final table. If you’re not careful and you let your frustration take over, you will find very little improvement with the next hands you are planning to play.

What Players Do

Players who’ve had a bad beat may unintentionally set themselves up for more loses and failures. The reason being is because they will try to win back the money they had unjustly lost. They will bluff bigger and more often with the thought that if someone can pull the rug from under you, so can you with your other opponents. You will probably have recalled a similar scenario that you have had in the past when you felt that way where you are trying your best to win back what you “lost” from that previous round. But at the end of the day, you will realize that you will likely have lost more because of that attitude. This is what you call poker tilt which is playing more recklessly than you normally would had it not been for a bad beat.

Dealing with Bad Beats

Have the guts to break free by standing up from the poker table and taking a breather and start calming down. It doesn’t mean that when you stop playing, you will have lost your chances at winning. In your current state, you will likely lose than win. You do understand that part of playing poker is having the right mindset when you sit down in a game and focus better. As you may have realized, poker is now available 24/7 through the Internet, so you can always come back anytime when you’re ready to take on the poker challenge.

Know what you can expect to win with a certain hand that you just lost with through the use of poker odds calculators. There’s a lot of that available online, and as you will find at each betting round you go through, the odds of winning may change dramatically, but what is definite is that your odds will not remain constant. This is the reason why having a pair of aces preflop gives you 90% chances of winning tha hand, but after that, the odds may not move to your opponent’s table who had acquired a stronger hand after picking up miracle cards here and there.

Bad beats will always be around, and if you want to remain a strong player, you have to learn to deal with it sooner or later. That is when you know you have learned something valuable in poker.

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