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Aggressive Poker Play

There are many moves you can take when playing poker, depending on what you want to accomplish. Although the end is you want to win more and lose less, you may want to know how what you can do to achieve that. Poker is very interesting to play, and it takes focus, experience and knowledge about the ins and outs of the game to be relatively successful in this industry. This is the reason why you will find professional poker players who have made the game the focus of their careers and have won tournaments.

Open and Raise

Aggressive plays in poker are generally attributed to opens and raises as compared to passive moves when a player checks or calls. Open refers to initial voluntary bets made by players at the onset of the betting round. During the first betting round, a player who opens is also known as opening the pot. Blind bets may also be called opening the bet, depending on the poker variation being played.

Raising is when a player bets with an increased amount compared to other players’ bets. What this does is other players will have to call with the same amount equal to the raise. The next player may make the next higher bet which is known as re-raise.

Superior Play

Aggressive poker plays are considered better than passive play, but this doesn’t mean that aggressive play is recommended all the time. Part of poker’s charm is its unpredictability, and playing predictably with aggressive moves can give you away in forthcoming hands. Although one would associate aggressive plays with strong hands, this can also be used even with weak hands such as when you are bluffing. Maniacs refer to players who consistently play aggressive even with inferior hands, and experienced players will get the better of this player by constantly checking his bets.

Aggressive play would be expected when a player has a very strong hand to begin with. Same goes for good propositional hands that are likely to win with flush or straight. This is relatively advantageous because, as your hand improves, aggression had helped increase the pot size which translates to a bigger win. In case of a raise, other poker players will assume that you may have a stronger hand than simply a high pair.

There are a lot of new players around who have yet to get used to playing aggressively. It is easy to get a lot of timid persons who have a good hand but failed to play aggressively. It will not come as a surprise if they get busted out of the game after a few plays of hands. There is no reason why a person can lose with a strong hand unless they don’t have the strength of character to get past players who will likely be playing more aggressively than they are. Hopefully, if this did happen to you, you may have learned from that experience and start winning pots instead of losing them to weaker hands all the time.

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